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It’s all Greek to me

~Lately I've been trying to eat a little healthier, and what could be healthier than Greek yogurt? I've never been that big a fan of Greek yogurt, mainly for its texture and distinct taste, but I was willing to give it another try. And I'm glad I did! It started about a week ago when… Continue reading It’s all Greek to me

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Amazing Graze

~I discovered Graze the same way I discovered Thrive Market: on the television. I was catching up on one of my many shows I've fallen behind on when up popped a commercial for a company that sends snacks in the mail and if you went onto their website and entered a promo code, they'd send… Continue reading Amazing Graze

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Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait

~Yogurt, one of my favorites ^_^ I love to eat it with breakfast or as a healthy snack. ┬áIt's rich, creamy taste, an endless combination of flavors, with the added goodness of probiotics?! What's not to be happy about? I've always been a Yoplait kind of girl, but a tasty newcomer is giving Yoplait a… Continue reading Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait