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Here goes nothing: Overnight Oats edition

~I started working out in March, which had been going well so far, but I need to balance it out by eating a little healthier. And when I think about healthy eating, overnight oats comes to mind. Different recipes for overnight oats have been blowing up my Pintrest feed as of late, and I caved… Continue reading Here goes nothing: Overnight Oats edition

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What the duck (eggs)

~For the past year or so I've been on the hunt for duck eggs. Searching market after market with no luck, my hope was starting to dwindle. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I finally hit the jackpot, but it wasn't at a farmer's market. They came from my boss! When he's not… Continue reading What the duck (eggs)

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Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait

~Yogurt, one of my favorites ^_^ I love to eat it with breakfast or as a healthy snack.  It's rich, creamy taste, an endless combination of flavors, with the added goodness of probiotics?! What's not to be happy about? I've always been a Yoplait kind of girl, but a tasty newcomer is giving Yoplait a… Continue reading Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait