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Aurora Farmers’ Market Opening Day 2022

~I don’t know what I would do without Facebook. Not only can I keep with my friends and family, but it also tells me of these great events, such as the Farmers’ Market in downtown Aurora, IL this past weekend. This was my first market of the season, and it was awesome! There were quite… Continue reading Aurora Farmers’ Market Opening Day 2022

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Just Checking In

~Hello my little sprouts! ❤️ I hope everyone is trying to stay healthy and happy as we continue to navigate through this obstacle course called life (especially Covid-19). Today I wanted to share with you what I’m currently working on and plans for the future! Last weekend I went to a wedding with a friend… Continue reading Just Checking In

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Madagascar facing famine due to climate change

~I was up pretty early this morning (mainly because my cats were bugging me to feed them haha) and came across an interesting but powerful article on the site IFLScience, which was shared on their Instagram page. After reading through it, it makes me worried for the future planet’s health and the health of the… Continue reading Madagascar facing famine due to climate change

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Bluestem Earth Festival 2017

~Yesterday I attended a rather interesting and informative festival of sorts. The Bluestem Earth Festival celebrates and brings attention to various environmental issues & topics such as recycling, water conservation, fair trade and endangered species. One group that I had a particular interest in was Citizens Against Ruining the Environment (CARE). They had various flyers… Continue reading Bluestem Earth Festival 2017