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Quail egg omelet

~This past Saturday I hit up the Downers Grove market with my sister, and while there I hit the jackpot. I came home with baby spinach, golden beets, pattypan squash, a bouquet of flowers and 2 dozen quail eggs!! I texted the guys from American Pride Microfarms (where they raise quails for the eggs and… Continue reading Quail egg omelet

farmers market · organic · veggies

Turn the Beet Around

~Whenever I think of beets, I think of my aunt's pickled beets she would make for Thanksgiving, and the lengths I would go to avoid them. There they were, sitting in the dish leaking their red juices staining the dish a deep red. Even thinking about it now a stink face appears. But after having… Continue reading Turn the Beet Around

farmers market · organic · veggies

Rustic Roasted Veggies

~Traveling from farmer's market to farmer's market has started to become exhausting, both physically and financially. And all the produce I've been buying has taken up fridge space. In an attempt to clear out my fridge and show off my cooking skills, I decided I would roast some vegetables. Seems pretty easy, right? It was damn near fool-proof! And… Continue reading Rustic Roasted Veggies