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Aurora Farmers’ Market Opening Day 2022

~I don’t know what I would do without Facebook. Not only can I keep with my friends and family, but it also tells me of these great events, such as the Farmers’ Market in downtown Aurora, IL this past weekend. This was my first market of the season, and it was awesome! There were quite… Continue reading Aurora Farmers’ Market Opening Day 2022

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Beyond guac: discovering the versitility of avocados

~Avocados have long been associated with being part of a healthy diet, due to its abundance of healthy fats and other essential nutrients. This green fruit has surged in popularity in the past few years, so much so that it has its own niche brunch item: avocado toast. To be honest, I was skeptical about… Continue reading Beyond guac: discovering the versitility of avocados

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Frankfort Market Opening Day 2021

~Today was opening day of my favorite farmer's market in downtown Frankfort, IL and I couldn't be more excited! It was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze blowing with opprotunity and the intoxicating scent of freshly made doughnuts. As I entered the market gazing around the pool of familiar vendors, I made a… Continue reading Frankfort Market Opening Day 2021

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Sickness Saga Part 3: This sh*t is bananas

~I honestly believe that bananas saved me to some degree when I was thick into my pneumonia suffering. After receiving two rounds of IV antibiotics while in the hospital on Halloween, the ER doctor prescribed me two oral antibiotics that I would take for at least a week (I can't remember if they were the… Continue reading Sickness Saga Part 3: This sh*t is bananas

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Long Grove Strawberry Fest 2019

~Last weekend my fiance and I checked out the Strawberry Festival, an annual event held in Long Grove, IL from June 21-23 (we went on the 21st since we both had the day off). It was about an hour drive from where I live, but thankfully traffic wasn't bad. The main road took us on… Continue reading Long Grove Strawberry Fest 2019

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Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait

~Yogurt, one of my favorites ^_^ I love to eat it with breakfast or as a healthy snack.  It's rich, creamy taste, an endless combination of flavors, with the added goodness of probiotics?! What's not to be happy about? I've always been a Yoplait kind of girl, but a tasty newcomer is giving Yoplait a… Continue reading Culture Clash: Noosa vs Yoplait

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Here goes nothing: I try a Larabar

~With farmer's market season wrapping up, I have to find new things to blog about. Until farmer's season picks up again, I'll be blogging about healthy living (food, lifestyle, etc). My first healthy living post will be featuring the Larabar, a new type of heath bar circulating store shelves. Today while at my local CVS… Continue reading Here goes nothing: I try a Larabar