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Here goes nothing: Overnight Oats edition

~I started working out in March, which had been going well so far, but I need to balance it out by eating a little healthier. And when I think about healthy eating, overnight oats comes to mind. Different recipes for overnight oats have been blowing up my Pintrest feed as of late, and I caved in and bought stuff to make it a couple weeks ago.

From what I’ve been reading, the basics to overnight oats are rolled oats, some sort of milk, a sweetner (like maple syrup or honey), and toppings. The first time I made overnight oats was actually a vegan & gluten free recipe, but since I only had dairy milk, I had to make a subsitution. The recipe called for rolled oats, milk, vanilla extract, chia seeds (I found a chia & flax seed blend at the store and used that), protein powder (I used vanilla) and cinnamon. I combined everything in a small Tupperware container, since I’m not bougie and don’t have Mason jars, and put them in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, I topped it with blueberries and granola. HOLY. COW! It was so good! It was a lot thicker than I expected, likely from the protein powder, but it was creamy, sweet, crunchy and VERY FILLING. I ate that one batch for the next 3 days!! I am most definately a fan of overnight oats 🙂 Since that first time, I’ve made overnight oats twice: a Nutella flavor and a peanut butter flavor topped with banana slices (which I made last night and had for breakfast this morning).

If anyone has a favorite overnight oats recipe they’d like to share please do! I need more ideas!

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