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3 French Hens Country Market 8-14-21

My mom ending up purchasing some lemon infused olive oil and jalapeno poblano hot sauce from a company named Gindo’s, who have been featured in Zagat, The LA Times, The Daily Herald and Men’s Health, just to name a few!

The last stop of the day was a stand we had previous passed at the entrance of the market, A Taste of Martha’s Kitchen. This Amish run company from Indiana sold pies, cakes, bread, various types of nut brittle, and even a 2 pound roll of butter! My mom noticed they had a sign for free range eggs on one of their coolers, and she wanted me to ask if they had any available. I walked over and asked the kind woman behind the table, unfortunatly they were sold out 😦
I reported back to my mom about the eggs and told her that they did have nut brittle that looked good. She said, “Get pecan if they have it!”

The pecan brittle was swiped in the blink of an eye while I was talking to my mom. But I didn’t leave empty handed! I puchased a container of cashew crunch and their traditional peanut brittle. I handed the woman my card, but she told me they only excepted cash… I was so embarased! I should have known better. I slumped back to my mom, who was seeking shelter from the sun under a shady tree, hanging my head in utter shame & embarrasment asking for cash. I apologized to the woman, who gently smiled and accepted the money.

Once I dropped my mom off at her house, but before I went home, we shared a piece of the cashew crunch brittle. OH. MY. GOD. It was out of this world!! It was crunchy like a brittle should be, but it was soft enough that won’t break your teeth biting into it. The taste of the butter, sugar and salty cashews melding together felt like I was being wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket ^_^. I had so much fun spending some quality time with my mom, glad to take her on this new adventure with me ❤

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