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Farmer and Vendor Market @ The Rustic Fox 8-7-21

~Earlier this month I attended one of the more unique markets I’ve visited thus far in North Aurora, IL. It was located in the parking lot of an eclectic furniture/home decor shop, The Rustic Fox. There were dozens of crafters selling everything from handmade baby clothes, outdoor decorations, beauty produts, and even items for pets!

The latter was this adorable proveyor called SmushFace Goods, which make handmade goods for cats and their human friends. Being a cat mother of 2, naturally I had to check it out! They had handcrafted wand toys, catnip balls and kicker toys. Also, handmade cat collars! If my cats weren’t so opposed to wearing collars I would have bought one of each cat haha. However, I did buy a honeybee pattered catnip ball, and an absolutely ADORABLE pin featuring a pudgy cat and the word ‘Loaf’ written across it. The operator of the stand, Annalise Proctor, told me that they got the pins from a California based company called Everyday Olive. After my purchase I stayed to chat, and soon we were exchanging pictures of our precious fur babies ^_^ When I got home from the market, I gave the cats the catnip ball to play with: one just licked it and walked away, where my other cat went NUTS!!

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