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A memorable Memorial Day weekend market

~I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Sunday I went to the Frankfort market with my coworker and good friend Nicole. We started our adventure at Stamper Cheese Company, I picked up a pack of string cheese while Nicole was taking in the sights and smells of the market. We did a lap around the front half of the market, talking about what our plans were for the long weekend before making our way to the back half of the market.

The second half is where our buying frenzy really picked up. Our first stop there was at Grandma’s Goodies, where I got a small jar of strawberry jam and Nicole got some orange marmalade and a couple of tiny loafs of bread for her mom. While there and waiting to pay, we helped a couple customers find certain jams they were looking for 😊

Next was Bothwell Farms, my favorite produce vendor (I actually live pretty close to the farm! One day I hope to tour it). I felt like a kid in a candy store seeing how much fresh produce they had, and at amazing prices! I don’t remember what Nicole purchased, but I got a couple of red onions, a small much of scallions and a large head of broccoli.

After that we stopped at a vendor I’ve seen but never been to before, Gracie Pie Apothecary. They handcraft soap and other beauty products (like bath bombs, lotion and face masks) with goat’s milk. We spent a good amount of time there, mainly because Nicole was smelling all the soaps! Haha. But they did smell really good so I can’t fault her here. I was more curious about the basket of facial creams they had at the front of the table. There were a few different options, like ‘renewal’ for brightening skin and some toners, but I went with a charcoal face mask, in a vain attempt to control my oily skin.

The last stop in the second half was at Great American Bagel, where the two young men running the stand were raving about their French toast bagels. She ended up getting a bag of those, along with a pack of sesame and chocolate chip bagels and strawberry cream cheese, where I got a pack of everything bagels (my newest obsession!) and two different flavors of cream cheese: scallion and veggie.

Our journey concluded with smoothies (strawberry banana for her and mixed berry for me), kettle corn for Nicole, and donuts from Dough Daddy’s Dinky Donuts, where they make fresh mini donuts that can be covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. The delicious smell and the line were overwhelming, but talking about all the different dogs we saw made it go by faster. We each got a baker’s dozen of powdered donuts, and y’all…. they were FANTASTIC! 😁 Light but still crispy and sweet with the powdered sugar. I still can’t stop thinking about them!!

It was so much fun hanging out with Nicole outside of work, and she really enjoyed the market! ❤️

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