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Broccoli Binge

~Like most children, I was not a fan of broccoli or anything green growing up. But as I and my palate matured I came to not only like broccoli, but rather enjoy it. And I’ll always remember how to spell it because every time I think of broccoli I think of the movie Daddy Day Care: “B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I, I am the broccoli and don’t know why” 😛

It tastes good raw, sauted, baked with cheese, or my personal favorite, steamed. It maintains its brilliant green color and retains all the delicious vitamins and minerals that make these little trees a healthy part of any diet.

My mom taught me a fool proof way to make perfect steamed broccoli every time, and honestly I’m still dumbfounded with how simple this recipe is. You cut the broccoli into florets (or if you get pre cut florets from the store that works too) and put in a microwave safe bowl/serving dish. She wets the tips of her fingers with water and “flicks” the broccoli until its wet but not soaked. Wrap with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes. Carefully unwrap the bowl/dish and season with your favorite spices. My mom uses olive oil and a special Hawaiian spice blend called Ono (the spicy version), which gives the broccoli a subtle but delightful kick. If you try this method let me know how it turns out!!

Since my fiance and I moved into our beautiful new home about a month ago I’ve made broccoli with 4 different dishes, all with rave reviews from him. The first time was prepared my mom’s way that was a side to garlic parmesan baked chicken and roasted potatoes. Second, beef & broccoli ramen noodles. Third, and becoming a new favorite of mine, was sauted with Mirin (a sweet Japanese cooking wine similar to sake) and spicy Ono accompanying orange chicken. Lastly I used broccoli in last night’s dinner of shrimp mai fun (stir fry noodles).

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