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Here goes nothing: I try a Larabar

~With farmer’s market season wrapping up, I have to find new things to blog about. Until farmer’s season picks up again, I’ll be blogging about healthy living (food, lifestyle, etc). My first healthy living post will be featuring the Larabar, a new type of heath bar circulating store shelves.
Today while at my local CVS I had some medications filled and picked up some other things. As I approached the checkout, there on an end-cap were the Larabars along with a handful of Cliff bars. I was first exposed to Larabars visually, by way of the TV. During the commercial break of one of my favorite programs, there was a commercial for these intriguing fruit and nut bars. The young man in the commercial seemed to enjoy them, but then again he was probably paid to enjoy them, whether he liked them or not.

Flash forward back to CVS. I picked up one of them, the peanut butter cookie flavor, and studied the wrapper. The first thing that jumped out at me was how incredibly pure it appeared. Apparently the Larabar is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, vegan and kosher.  It also only contained 3 ingredients: dates, peanuts and sea salt. Not sure how those resembled a peanut butter cookie, I decided to buy it, along with the other 3 varieties they had, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter chocolate chip and blueberry muffin.
When I arrived home, I peeled open the peanut butter cookie bar and took a bite. The dates were sweet and the chunks of peanuts were almost like little bb’s on my tongue. It vaguely reminded me of the taste of one of Vegan Crazy’s energy bars. Even though this bar didn’t contain chocolate, it definitely had a chocolately taste to it.

Here is my final verdict of the Larabar: tasty! Its sweet and crunchy taste is a delightful alternative to ice cream or candy. And one bar contains about a 1/4 cup of fruit, which is perfect for those with specific diet requirements. But if you’re like me, who isn’t vegan but enjoys vegan snacks, or looking for something healthy to snack on, try a Larabar! The folks at Larabar have a theory where “a sound mind, body and spirit are derived from food”. That may be true, but I achieve those through yoga and meditation haha. But seriously, if you haven’t already, try one.


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