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Apple of my eye

~ Ah apples, a subject I’ve been excited to blog about. Why? Because apples are the quintessential fruit of fall, they spark action (apple picking), plus they’re really easy to cook with. But the number one reason apples are so awesome? They’re OG! Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit, an apple no less, and look what happened to them! And you know what they say: there’s nothing more American than apple pie and Chevrolet (though I’m a Ford fan myself haha).

As far as the types of apples go, my favorite is the Granny Smith. I love sour foods, and the Granny Smith’s tart sourness is exceptional. And it stands up well to baking, bonus! I love making apple crisp, my fall tradition, and I always include a Granny Smith in there. Once it reaches fall time I’ve eventually post my apple crisp recipe, its killer! I also like Fuji’s, Braeburn and Galas. But there was one variety of apple that I hadn’t heard of before that I first came across at the Downers Grove market. It was called a Lodi apple, which had a pale green skin and had the taste of a toned down Granny Smith.

They were pretty good, crisp and refreshing, but not as good as good old Granny. And a couple of days ago I purchased more apples, this time yellow ones. It was funny, one of the women behind the stand was actually relieved that I wanted the yellow apples! Apparently everyone wanted red ones, but they had sold out moments earlier. I don’t care what color it is, all apples were made to be eaten equally.

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