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Quail egg omelet

~This past Saturday I hit up the Downers Grove market with my sister, and while there I hit the jackpot. I came home with baby spinach, golden beets, pattypan squash, a bouquet of flowers and 2 dozen quail eggs!! I texted the guys from American Pride Microfarms (where they raise quails for the eggs and grow a variety of microgreens) the day before wanting to reserve 2 dozen eggs, since I knew they sell out quickly. He said he would set them aside for me when I came to the market. The next day I picked up 24 little nuggets of deliciousness for only $10! ($5/dozen)

This morning, on my day off from work, I decided I would try to make an omelet with the quail eggs. But I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I sliced a golden beet, some red onion and minced 2 cloves of garlic. I wasn’t sure how many eggs I’d need to fill the pan, so I ended up using a dozen eggs. And this time I had an easier time cracking them open, since I knew the secret password. I drizzled in some Twisted Olive garlic infused olive oil in a pan with a little butter over medium low heat and slowly roasted the garlic. Next, I tossed in the beet and onions and cooked them until they started to caramelize.

After they reach a perfect roastiness, I threw in a handful of baby spinach, seasoned everything with salt and pepper, and let it wilt. Once wilted, I turned down the heat and added the eggs. They flowed so nicely into the pan, like a silky yellow waterfall washing over the veggies. Once it evenly coated the pan and the eggs started to cook through, I folded up the sides and flipped it, just as I turned off the heat. It was love at first bite ❤

The eggs were light and fluffy, the golden beets are earthy and sweet, the red onions were a good help to add to the savoriness and the spinach was perfectly wilted. The only thing that would have possibly made this already eggceptional omelet any better would be adding some cheese, but I was fresh out. Regardless, I took my omelet game to the next level and it paid off immensely.

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