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Eclectic Accessories

~I always try to find something unique at a farmer’s market, and this time it was an essential oil diffuser necklace from the Etc. Stores, Inc. Boutique in Tinley Park. They are a small consignment shop based in Frankfort that selling clothing, jewelry, home products and more. I have to give credit to where credit is due, and that is to my sister. She was the one that was interested in the necklace and persuaded me to get one for her and to blog about them. Thanks sis!

Even though the necklaces aren’t my style, it’s still a cool concept. The pendant is made of clay and has a design etched into it, some of the popular ones being trees and mandalas. You then put a couple of drops of a selected essential oil on the necklace and it holds it scent for a long time. Some of the scents that Etc. featured were peppermint, lavender, and sandalwood. My sister selected the peppermint oil and a necklace with a swirling tree design. She loves it! And the peppermint oil has a refreshing smell, along with headache curing properties.

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