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You Shallot Pass!


*I just had to throw a little Lord of the Rings in there, how could you not?!*

~Shallots are pretty tasty. They are the mild-mannered members of the onion family, with some subtle garlic notes. It’s almost as if an onion and garlic had a baby. And the shallot was on my ever growing list of foods to try. Of course you can find shallots in just about every grocery store known to man, but the ones I found were not only fresh, but also super cheap. Mine was only 75 cents for one and maybe $2 per pound! While most people normally cook shallots, I decided to throw mine in tonight’s dinner salad. With the exception of romaine lettuce and the dressing, everything in the salad was purchased from farmer’s markets 🙂
It consisted of a finely diced shallot (or as finely as I could, my knife skills need some work), 2 diced and peeled carrots, rainbow Swiss chard, stringless sugar snap peas, halved baby heirloom tomatoes and topped with a spicy microgreen mix. I like having red onions in my salads, but the shallot was a nice substitute. Prepping the salad took a little work, but it was well worth it.

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