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Soy Joy

~My latest farmer’s market adventure has led me to Plainfield, Illinois. It is also where my cousin lives, and she was more than delighted to accompany me to the season premiere of the market. She had told me that the location had moved last year to the Plainfield Plaza, on the corner of Route 59 and Fort Beggs Drive. When we pulled up, we were kind of surprised by how few vendors there were. Grant it was raining and overcast today, so that could explain the decline. But she had asked one of the vendors, and they had said that there are a lot more in the summer months, when all the veggies and fruits reach their peaks. We browsed around the market when I happened upon a stand that was selling soy based beauty products.  On display were lip balms, bars of soap, and candles. I was intrigued immediately by the candles and the many scents they came in. The first one I sniffed was apple, a tried and true favorite of mine. It smelled so good and so much like an apple that I felt like I could literally eat it! But of course I didn’t. I smelled a couple other scents, such as peach and moonlit musk, but I settled with the apple and black raspberry vanilla scents. When I purchased the candles, the woman behind the counter explained that soy based candles burn at a lower pace than traditional wax. She also said that they burn more evenly. Well, I’m afraid to say that the last statement is untrue. Currently I have the black raspberry vanilla lit on my desk as I blog, and there is a crater developing in the center of the candle as it burns. While the burning consistency is up for debate, at least it smells good 🙂

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